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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Evolution of the Snow Day

Day #1: Yes! They called, they called! No school tomorrow! Let’s all do the happy dance and stay up late. Good morning! Stay snuggly in your pajamas.  I’m making a hot breakfast from scratch. Yes, we’ll play outside soon. Eat up and then grab your snow gear. Shoveling is fun! Sledding is fun! Snowmen are fun! Come inside to thaw out with some hot chocolate. Yes, I have marshmallows. Let’s watch a movie while dinner simmers in the crock pot. Pick a game and we’ll all play together. Phone rings. Yes! We get to do it again tomorrow.

Day #2: No you may not stay up until midnight. Good morning. Already?  Little ones are up too early, older ones are up too late. Turn down the cartoons. I’ll fix you some frozen waffles. No, we are not out of the good syrup. Time to turn off the television and play outside. How can you lose a boot overnight? You came in with both of them on your feet, didn’t you? You don’t know? Seriously.  Mom, he keeps taking the best sled! Mom, can I go to a friend’s house? Mom, there’s nothing to eat in this house. Leftovers will reheat just fine for dinner. Who was supposed to shovel the other side of the driveway? If you can’t agree on a movie then we’ll just watch my favorite travel show. No? Kids?

Pleasant weekend. School on Monday. Another storm? Make a list for the store.

Day #3: No, I’m not making breakfast. You slept so late it’s almost lunchtime. Have some cereal. Can ____ come over? There is nothing to do. Here, I made a list of chores. Fine, go outside to play then. Put on whatever snow gear you can find. No, it doesn’t matter if your boots match or your gloves are too big. Where is the good sled? Who broke the snow shovel? What’s for lunch? Frozen pizza. Neighbors challenge a snowball fight. Perfect outlet for all this energy! Back inside, baking cookies. What’s for dinner? Is there leftover pizza? Husband calls, need anything? Please grab a bottle of wine. The phone just rang again. Yes, it’s true. Another snow day. I don’t care if you stay up until midnight. Just let me sleep.

Day #4: Are you people ever going to get up? You’re going to be sorry when it’s time for school tomorrow. Yes, school. Remember that place? Sure, have cookies for breakfast. Where is my coffee? If I hear the Sponge Bob theme song one more time, my head might explode so please TURN IT DOWN. Damp socks everywhere. Muddy boots in the bathroom? Yes, you have to shovel again—it snowed again! Which is why you are out of school again. We’re out of frozen pizza? I’ll turn on the stove for grilled cheese. Wait, who ate all the cheese? PBJs for lunch. Did I hear the B-word? You’re BORED?! Here’s that list of chores. No, I’m not kidding. Just find something that is semi-dry and get outside to play. Yes, it’s cold. it’s SNOW! You prayed for this snow so go outside and enjoy it. I am locking the door. Go play! Hot soup for dinner, time for one more game, warm baths, loads of laundry, another funny story. House is finally still. 

 Two parents yawn and raise a toast to family fun. But mostly to the blessed quiet of sleeping children and a phone that does not ring again.

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