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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Windows Into God's Love

Things like what I am about to describe have happened too many times for me to doubt that there really ought to be a patron saint of shopping. (There's not...yet...I checked.)

Work with me here.

I don't spend much money on myself. I've never been one to hide receipts or run up credit card bills while submitting the family to beans and hot dogs. (I do, however, have other faults and my kids would likely prefer franks and beans to some of the healthy choices I offer. But that's a different blog.) I am thrifty with a capital T and get a thrill out of finding just what we need at a bargain. I also understand going without when necessary.

Which is why we still have old, stained carpeting until we find exactly what we need at exactly what we need to pay. I'd also like to replace the old window valances with light, airy sheer white panels. And I'd really like to do it before we host a huge graduation party here in May. But if you've priced window treatments lately, you know three large windows will run up into the hundreds. With so many other graduation-related expenses (like, um, college), carpet and curtains were going to have to wait.

Which brings me to today.

Feeling the tiniest bit sorry for myself, I decided to poke around online and at least get an idea of what I'd want when the time came. I landed at JCPenney. They're having a sale. Which ends today. And includes 50% off of all curtains and 40% off of hardware. I loaded my virtual cart with everything I wanted for the windows and typed in the sale code and watched the total droppity drop to just about half of what it would have been. Pluuuuuuuuus free shipping!

But, happy as that made me, it is not the miracle of the story.

The miracle is that, after several weeks of haggling and filing reports, I finally received the Paypal refund on a prom dress that was ordered but never shipped. Which meant all but about $20 of my curtain total was SITTING THERE WAITING ON ME. (Shut up, husbands, that is too how it works. Though I fully realize it was my money to begin with, getting it back months later makes it feel like a special prize just for me.)

Every now and then, when something unexpected and lovely happens to one of my kids, I say, "Wow, God really does love you." I said it just yesterday when an unhappy bedhead thought we were out of waffles but I found a forgotten box in the back of the freezer.

Maybe the breakfast of your choice is your love language.

Maybe it's spiffing up the living room in time for a party.

Whatever it is, I legitimately believe that God chooses to speak that language now and then just to see us smile.

And I'm pretty sure Saint Whatever-Her-Name-Is is helping. It would be nice if she'd get together soon with Saint Whoever's-In-Charge-Of-College-Scholarships and work on some more nice surprises.

I do know this for sure. When the dusty, dated valances are down and the pretty white sheers are blowing in the breeze during the party, I will undoubtedly be reminded, "Wow, God really does love me."

Silly? Maybe. But God's working with me here.

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