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Monday, May 4, 2015

How do you Spell Appreciation?

Things I have learned from good teachers:

1. Teachers are often the first to see the worst in a child.
But the good ones are often the first to see the best. Sometimes on the very same day.

2. Teachers see the best and worst in parents.
But the good ones can take one sincere compliment from an earnest parent and live on that for days or months at a time.

3. Teachers never know what may blindside them when they open that note or email from home.
But the good ones respond professionally even when they have to take a walk or count to 100 before they are calm enough to reply.

4. Teachers have 15, 20, 25 (or more!) "bosses" who judge them daily and do not hesitate to offer feedback thoroughly and often.
But the good ones don't pick favorites so that every student feels valued in the classroom.

5. Pre-K to 12th grade, teachers work in classrooms that are smelly by the end of the day.
But the good ones carry on with open windows, or Febreze, or whatever it takes.  Some who have been around a while don't even notice it anymore.

6. Field trips are organizational and stressful nightmares for teachers.
But the good ones plan them anyway (even though it's a good bet that at least one child is going to throw up on the bus) so that students get an important glimpse of life outside the classroom. 

7. There are some students teachers know they may never reach.
But the good ones never give up trying.

 8. Teachers work a lot of extra hours on planning, grading, classroom preparation and extra duties.
But the good ones do whatever it takes to have a successful classroom.

9. Teachers realize their students' needs often go way beyond the academic lessons of the day.
But the good ones stand ready to offer what a child needs to hang on just one more day. It may be a coat, a lunch bag, or a hug. They often see it before anyone else does.

10. Good teachers don't have just a job. They have a calling.
And those who answer the call will never be paid what they're worth. At least in dollars.

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  1. I never even thought about the smell. I'm slightly horrified right now.